GeneWeb - Directions for Use

Preliminary remark: the present documentation sometimes speaks about windows of "interactive commands". There exists from now a program "gwsetup", simpler to use, allowing to avoid to have to use them.

bulletYou are a beginner:

bullet How to start with GeneWeb.
bullet See some frequently encountered problems.

bulletYou want more details:

bullet How to recover a database when a new version of GeneWeb is installed.
bullet How to install GeneWeb as a server or CGI.
bullet The access restrictions to the database.
bullet How to make modifications in the database.
bullet How to merge databases.
bullet Cleaning up, renaming, backup databases: maintenance.
bullet See the frequently asked questions.

bulletYou want more and more details:

bullet How to put links to your base.
bullet How to customize the welcome page and the other pages.
bullet How to keep data divided inside a database.
bullet Information about consanguinity.
bullet The GeneWeb source file format.
bullet How to create a CD-ROM to distribute your database.

bulletYou want to participate to the improvement of GeneWeb:

bullet How to make remarks, suggestions, bug reports and contributions.

GeneWeb's welcome page is the following:

It will give you the most updated documentation. It tells you where to download GeneWeb's latest version and what is its release number. Do not hesitate to consult it from time to time.

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